The bed for cattle plus resistant, comfortable and hygienic of the world

And the cows know them well

Designed for cows and ranchers

Cowmed is a mattress designed to provide important benefits
to your livestock, improves their hygiene and protection and is also an excellent thermal insulator.

It will provide your livestock with the feeling of comfort, relaxation and well-being that they need
to perform 100% of your daily work.

100% Made in Spain

E.V.A. materials (Ethil Vinyl Acetate) and Rubber

Resists manure, urine and microorganisms

A mattress for every need​

This has been specifically designed to make cleaning and drainage much easier, its surface is water-resistant so that your cows stay dry, clean and comfortable. Its smooth non-stick surface means that any dirt can be removed quite easily just by spraying it down with water.

This model produces a cobble-stone effect in the stall which helps prevent the animals from slipping and hurting themselves, it is also very comfortable.

The texture is like leather. The bumpy surface helps keep it clean because there aren’t any sharp-angles; it also favours thermal insulation and separates the animals from the cold concrete floor.

Dual mounting system

Our mattresses incorporate two mounting systems to adapt them according to the needs of each cubicle

Method 1. Screw-in

Easy assembly. Fasten the sheets together with screws, Rawlplugs and washers on the top part of the sheets so that they don’t move and are correctly positioned.

* A gap of at least 5 cm should be left between the sheets.

Method 2. Inter-Locking

This assembly method is like a puzzle pattern on the sides of the sheets used to fasten them together easily to create a continuous fixed mat so that all the separate pieces don’t move.

*Assembly on slopes makes it easier to get rid of urine and dung just by spraying the a rea down with water.

With the guarantee of a great brand

All our products go through strict quality control measures
and finishes to guarantee our customers the highest quality in our products.

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