About Us

Cauchos del Mediterráneo, S.A.

EVA sheet and rubber factory for the livestock sector

Since 1996 Cauchos del Mediterráneo S.A. has been developing the production of EVA and rubber plates, mainly for the footwear sector as well as the livestock sector, advertising, etc.

We have a modern production infrastructure adapted to the needs of our clients, reaching an average production that ranges between 3,000 and 3,500 tons per year.

Our growth in recent years arises as a result of focusing all our efforts on ensuring that our clients, all over the world, can benefit from a fast and efficient service, being able to serve their merchandise within a period of 15 days.

To do this, we have optimized our production techniques and processes, saving energy and fundamental resources for the planet and achieving the highest quality in all our products.

I + D + i

Research, Development and innovation at Cauchos del Mediterráneo are a constant concern, directly affecting the company, its products and its customers. Thanks to this, Cauchos del Mediterráneo advances as the market evolves and maintains its leadership.

In this sense, product development for new applications has allowed us to open up to now unprecedented markets for our materials. New uses in final products that demonstrate, once again, the quality and versatility of Cauchos del Mediterráneo materials.

In the same way, our dedication to R + D + i directly influences the quality and added value of the final product, efficiently covering the needs and demands of customers.
Regarding our clients, the R + D + i department provides us with the necessary conditions to offer the most appropriate solutions to their orders, no matter how demanding, responding to their expectations and meeting their needs.

Because our support is especially important for all those customers who market products of a high technical level and who require materials of a very high quality, together with fully customized conditions that meet the specifications that their products require.

Cauchos del Mediterráneo is certified with UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015 since 1998