Our Products

100% Made in Spain

E.V.A. materials (Ethil Vinyl Acetate) and Rubber

Resists manure, urine and microorganisms

A mattress for every need

This has been specifically designed to make cleaning and drainage much easier, its surface is water-resistant so that your cows stay dry, clean and comfortable. Its smooth non-stick surface means that any dirt can be removed quite easily just by spraying it down with water.

This model produces a cobble-stone effect in the stall which helps prevent the animals from slipping and hurting themselves, it is also very comfortable.

The texture is like leather. The bumpy surface helps keep it clean because there aren’t any sharp-angles; it also favours thermal insulation and separates the animals from the cold concrete floor.

Utilizado como pavimento o revestimiento para paredes, sigue mostrando la eficacia en los productos Cowmed como aislante térmico y acústico y actuando como medio de prevención y protección ante posibles accidentes de los animales.